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Ask Your Lynbrook Plumbing Experts About Upgrading Your Water Main

Undersized line can cause low water pressure in the home

A customer called needing to upgrade the water service to his house because his current water main line was undersized. He said that someone can’t wash dishes while another person takes a shower at the same time with the one he has now.

In this case, it wasn’t that the home wasn’t getting good water pressure, it was just getting insignificant amounts of water making it difficult to do everyday household chores. Having an undersized water main is a definite cause of this.

However, if you are experiencing low water pressure in your home and don’t think it’s because your water main line is too small, there are other reasons for that to occur.

  1. The line suffers from years of debris or mineral build up in your pipes. Debris could have entered your pipes causing a clog, in turn resulting in you not getting enough water pressure in your home.
  2. If you have old steel, lead, or galvanized piping in your home that could be a reason. Those types of pipes are known to suffer from corrosion which slows the flow of water from the city water main to your home.
  3. The main line could have a crack or break.
  4. It could just be that the city water main is very old, corroded, or too small and is not allowing sufficient amounts of water pressure to enter your water line.

If you think you have any of these problems with your water main and need it repaired or replaced, call Rebmann Plumbing today!

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