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A Financing Guide to Boiler Installation

Boiler installation is one of the most important things to consider at this time of year. However, finding the right financing for it can be difficult for many homeowners. What makes it even more difficult is that a heating system isn’t something a homeowner can get away with not installing. Every home needs a steady flow of heat, especially at this time of year when the temperatures begin cooling down. Blankets and sweatshirts can only go so far in keeping everyone warm, and a fireplace will only provide heat to one particular area of your home.  Portable heaters may work, but they don’t have the same ability to provide long-reaching heat. So, yes, installing a new heating system is unavoidable, but financing it is not impossible. There are several financing programs available today ready to assist you in getting the boiler you need to stay comfortable during the season.

How Can Rebmann Help You This Fall?

At Rebmann, we want all homes across the area to have a reliable boiler to provide their family with heat. We have a team of heating experts readily available to provide installation services, especially if you want heat in your home as soon as possible. We can also provide the financing information you need to ensure you get a high-efficiency heating system without any of the additional costs.  A new boiler can drastically improve life in your home this season, especially when boilers on the market today are more efficient and longer lasting than ever. With our help, you won’t just be able to experience better heating, but also greater savings on annual operating costs and utility bills. Higher levels of comfort this fall begins with a call to Rebmann.

Common Features of Financing Programs

With so many different financing programs available, it can be difficult to determine which program can land you the boiler you need. You also need to be aware of some untrustworthy options out there that are simply looking to make a quick buck out of bad credit borrowers, including:

  • Zero Down Payments: When you are looking for a program, remember that the more money you finance, the more you pay in interest rates. Zero down payments may sound promising at first, but you must be aware that it can result in you encountering higher interest rates.
  • Low Monthly Payments: This is a valid option if you are looking to save more money, but promises of low monthly payments will also come at a cost in the form of higher interest rates,
  • Beware of No Annual Fees: Promises like “no annual fees” will immediately sound nice, but it may not be worth the search of a lower interest rate. You can still easily rack up the cost of annual fees anyway.
  • No Prepayment Penalties: Now here is a feature that will actually help you. Some financing programs allow you to pay off your new loan early so you avoid paying a high amount of money in interest charges. 
  • Deferred Payments: Here is another helpful option. Deferred payments give you the option of not having to pay back the loan for up to 90 days to a year. Though it is true that manufacturers will promote deferred payments for their own benefit, it could also prove beneficial to you as well.

How Can You Pay For Your Boiler Installation?

You can take comfort in knowing there is more than one way to pay for a boiler, including the following:

  • Government Programs: There should be several state and federal programs aimed at helping homeowners who do not have enough savings to cover a new boiler. These programs can supply you with rebates and other funding to ensure you get heating in your home that won’t cost you your entire plumbing system. Ask your local heating company, as they should be able to supply you with details on any additional government help.
  • Bank Loans and Credit Cards: Homeowners with good credit or with sufficient home equity may qualify for a home improvement bank loan for any boiler installation. You may also have the option of collateral, where you would exchange a real asset for a heating system. If you have a credible balance in your account, credit cards could also be a viable option, but should be used with caution.
  • Online Crowd FundingGoFundMe is an online crowd funding site which has soared in popularity in recent years. This allows you to make a call for any donations to fund a variety of needs, such as a new boiler. In return, you can also help out other strangers meet their heating needs by making your own donations.
  • Borrower Beware: Whenever you borrow money from an organization or a person, be careful of who you’re borrowing from. In general, please avoid the following:
    • Do not borrow money from a stranger
    • Do not borrow money from someone who comes to your door
    • Do not fill out a borrowing application on a website you’re not familiar with
    • Do not take out a payday loan or a paycheck loan against future earnings
    • Do not sign over anything you can’t afford to lose

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