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Buyer’s Guide to a Heating System Installation

A heating system installation should be the number-one priority this fall but if you are a first-time buyer, you may run a high risk of installing the wrong system. Buying the wrong system happens more often than you may realize. Since the temperatures take a turn for the chilly and frigid at this time of year, the homeowner’s need for heat intensifies and they may just buy any system available for the sake of staying warm. Unfortunately, the hastiness gives way to mistakes that brings more headaches into their life than warm air. The wrong system can lead to pains like lower energy efficiency, increased spending on repair due to frequent breakdowns, and greater chances of seeking heating system replacement in the near future. In addition, when you consider home heating makes up nearly half of your home’s annual energy budget, making an unwise heating purchase may leave you in a far worse financial situation than you ever expected this fall.

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Fortunately, Rebmann Plumbing is here to lead you down the right path for heating system installation. We provide heating service catering to a wide range of needs, whether you need furnace replacement or don’t even have a heating system currently in your home at all. Help from our local heating technicians will bring you more than just warm air. Once we provide you with the right heating system, you will enjoy lower spending on utility bills, reduced energy consumption, safer heating operation, and so much more. However, don’t wait too long to call us for service. If you prolong heating system installation, you may just wind up stuck in the cold after all. Be proactive and get the heating service you need to stay at a better peace of mind throughout the fall.

3 Common Types of Heating Systems

The awesome thing about looking for a heating system on the market today is that you have more than one option in terms of how you want to keep your home comfortable. However, this may make your final decision a bit harder. Since we want to make the installation process as easy for you as possible, here are 3 common heating system types you will encounter in your search:

  1. Gas Furnaces: You will be able to save 30% more, thanks to today’s highly-efficient gas furnaces. Compared to furnaces of the old, newer systems operate quietly, last much longer, and provide a more consistent flow of warm air for anyone in your household. They also boast a much smaller installation cost compared to other system. Furnaces are the most popular type of heating system for a reason, and it’s their ability to fit in homes of all styles that makes them a must-have for homeowners.
  2. Ductless Systems: Yep, that’s right; no ducts. Also known as mini split systems, this heating system type eliminates the chance of dust and allergen buildup, significantly improving indoor air quality without sacrificing its heating abilities. Though they feature a higher installation cost compared to furnaces, they are incredibly efficient. They will also separate your home into zones, giving warm air to all the right areas. Unlike any other system, it provides you with greater temperature control in terms of how much heat goes into your home, saving you tons of money on energy bills in the process.
  3. Heat Pumps: If you are looking environmentally-friendly heating, look no further than heat pump. It uses less fuel than your average heating system and instead takes heat from the ground or air to drop into your home. It also uses dry heat, eliminating the additional installation of a humidifier. Again, heat pumps have a higher upfront installation cost than furnaces but if you seek something more likely to reduce your carbon footprint.

4 Additional Factors to Consider for a Heating System Installation

After you have chosen what type of heating system to install, here are 4 additional points of consideration that will influence your decision:

  1. Heating Needs: What do you really want in a heating system? Your heating needs will vary. If it’s energy-efficiency, any of the three systems would be a good choice, although a furnace may be better if you want a lower installation cost. If you want environmentally-friendly warm air, you can’t go wrong with a heat pump. If you live with a growing family, a ductless system can provide you with heat directly tending to the specific needs of your household.
  2. Energy-Efficiency: Please pay attention to the heating system’s Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating. It measures the energy efficiency of your system in terms of how it uses fuel. If the AFUE rating is high, you are getting a system guaranteeing long-lasting, highly-efficient heating for your home.
  3. Product Recalls: Always be alert of any product calls. If you read any customer reviews or news reports advising you to stay away from a particular system, heed the warning and search elsewhere. You can’t have a heating system putting your safety at risk.
  4. Heating System Size: While installing the wrong system can certainly bring its own hardship, buying the right system at the wrong size may be just as troublesome. Before any installation work begins, a heating technician from Rebmann will know to inspect the area and determine the right size of system you need. If not, you may find yourself dealing with frequent breakdowns and calls for emergency heating repair.

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