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Furnace Repair in Oyster Bay: 4 Common Heating Problems

If you’re constantly cold when you’re at home, no matter how many times you adjust the thermostat, you might need furnace repair in Oyster Bay.

Heating Problems That Require Furnace Repair in Oyster Bay

Keeping your family and yourself warm during the winter is a priority. But if your furnace isn’t working correctly, that’s going to be difficult. Keep an eye out for the following common problems with furnaces:

  1. Dirty filter: If the filter is very dirty, it affects the airflow and can even impact the fan. Your furnace will be working overtime while you might not even feel the home getting warm enough.
  2. Broken thermostat: A malfunctioning thermostat will obviously affect when and how much the furnace heats.
  3. Lack of maintenance: A general lack of upkeep can cause the furnace to be inefficient. It can also lead to breakdowns and other types of problems.
  4. The furnace doesn’t operate: If the appliance doesn’t turn on at all, the problem could be with the thermostat, but also—more seriously—with the power, pilot light or gas.

Call Rebmann Plumbing for Furnace Repair in Oyster Bay

When you notice something wrong with your furnace, you’re best advised to call a professional plumbing company. If you’re thinking, “Hey, I’m an experienced DIY-er, I can do this,” then it’s wise to take a moment to consider if that’s really the best course of action. Because no matter how good you are at fixing things, a furnace is a complicated appliance that needs to be serviced by a professional in order to guarantee it’s safe to operate. And even though you can easily find articles and videos online that promise to walk you through the process, it’s critical to understand that the chances of those videos or articles being about the exact type of furnace as you have are slim. That means you can easily make a mistake… and when it comes to furnaces, mistakes can be costly and dangerous. So don’t try to fix your broken furnace yourself: call Rebmann Plumbing today!


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