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4 Common Mistakes Homeowners Make with Drain Cleaning in Syosset, NY

Perhaps you’re a homeowner who isn’t afraid to roll up the sleeves and get their hands dirty, especially when it comes to drain cleaning in Syosset, NY. And, hey, we respect that.  Just remember, as with anything involving your plumbing, you need to make sure you’re taking the proper steps to get drains cleaned. Since most homeowners who decide to do some DIY drain cleaning aren’t licensed professionals, they are more prone to make mistakes that will damage the plumbing system more than anything else.

The team at Rebmann Plumbing is here to help you make your next round of DIY drain cleaning in Syosset, NY one that doesn’t result in a total plumbing disaster. The space for mistakes is wide, but we want to narrow it a little more. In addition, we are also available at any point this summer to provide quick, comprehensive drain cleaning service aimed at keeping clogs far away from drains. Our plumbers are licensed and experienced to know what drain cleaning solution is perfect for your plumbing system.

Drain Cleaning in Syosset, NY: What Should You Avoid?

All too often, we see homeowners make the same mistakes over and over again with drain cleaning. Don’t fall into a similar trap and instead avoid:

  1. Over-Reliance on Chemical Drain Cleaner: Many homeowners will simply drop as much chemical drain cleaner down their drains as soon as possible and think that will be enough to fix the problem. While there’s no denying chemical drain cleaner is effective, it should be used sparingly. The chemicals can actually cause physical damage to your drains if you’re not careful.
  2. Using a Garden Hose: Yes, believe it or not, plenty of homeowners think it’s okay to use a garden hose at high pressure to clean out drains. The effect would be something similar to hydro jetting. However, since it’s done without any regards to water pressure, this method also brings more damage to your drains than intended.
  3. Misusing Garbage Disposals: A garbage disposal is a great tool in chopping up larger pieces of waste before they enter your drains, but over usage or misusage can prevent it from working properly. This includes having the blades of the disposal begin to dull, or inserting foods that simply don’t belong there like larger pieces of produce and paper products.
  4. Taking Apart Piping: Some homeowners will even be so inclined to take apart piping to remove a clog. Only one problem though: it can be difficult putting it back together, especially if a person doesn’t have the know-how.. This leaves homeowners in a tricky situation where they aren’t only paying for drain cleaning, but also on repiping service.

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