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How Can You Conduct Drain Cleaning in Syosset, NY?

Sometimes, it’s tempting to ignore a problem in the hopes that it will just resolve itself. Specifically in the case of drains, it’s tempting to believe that whatever is clogging your drain will eventually dislodge itself and disappear. The truth is, though, that letting your drain remain clogged for an extended period of time is likely to make the problem worse. Before you know it, the buildup in your drain could cause fluid to stop moving altogether and back up, in turn creating flooding and water damage — both of which are costly and time-consuming headaches that nobody wants to deal with. So if you need drain cleaning in Syosset, NY, here are a few things you can do to make sure your pipes keep going with the flow.

  • Start simple — don’t jump to conclusions about how bad the problem is: You might think your drain is hopelessly clogged, but sometimes the solution is a lot simpler than you expect. Simply running a good amount of hot water (the hotter the better) down the drain can take care of the problem.
  • Consider all-natural drain cleaning solutions: Chemical drain cleaners might work wonders for you, but they can also cause significant and permanent damage to your pipes that can lead to even more problems later on. Give your pipes a bit of a break by trying an all-natural solution: for example, if you pour a half a cup of baking soda down your drain followed by a half a cup of vinegar, you can generate a drain-cleaning reaction and wash out your pipes with a healthy dose of hot water.
  • If all else fails, send down the snake: Sometimes, trying to blast a clog out with liquid just won’t do the trick, which means your next plan of action is to go after it manually. A snake will bend its way around your pipes until it pushes the blockage out, but anything around the house that can reach around the shape of the pipes — like a bent coat hanger — can also work.

If you’ve expended your DIY solutions and that pesky clog just won’t go away, or if you’re not confident in your ability to remove it yourself, don’t be afraid to call a plumber. The professionals at Rebmann Plumbing have the experience and knowledge to help with drain cleaning in the most safe and efficient way, so give them a ring if you’re at the end of your rope (or snake) with that insufferable clog in Syosset, NY.


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