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Drain Clearing as a Home Owner Essential

Drain Clearing as a Home Owner Essential


Most homeowners are probably familiar with drain clearing, which is the act of preventing grease, soap, hair, and food residue from clogging your drains. Drain clearing fully clears the entire lining of your pipe, keeping your drains clog-free for much longer periods of time. Unfortunately keeping your drains clear can be a costly task, costing hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the clog. By clearing your drains, you not only save the money and effort of unclogging your drains repeatedly, clearing your drains can also prevent other major sewer problems from happening.


When Is It Time for A Drain Clearing?


Preventing a plumbing catastrophe whether it’s a broken sewer line or clogged drain, includes knowing what to look for. Luckily your home has many ways to telling you when there’s a potential clogged drain or sewer problem. Sometimes you can avoid a costly clearing or repair, but the most effective way to help with stubborn clogs is a drain clearing. Here’s what to look for to get started.


  • Slow drains. Toilets, sinks, and tubs that slowly drain usually mean that there’s something clogged in the drain. Depending on how many drains have a slow drain indicates how severe the clog is. If multiple sinks and toilets are slow to drain, that typically means the clog is in the sewer line and requires a professional plumber to properly identify and clear the clog.
  • Toilets backing up. If flushing your toilet results in water backing up or coming up in the bathtub or shower stall, that’s a good sign for a clogged sewer line. Toilets that don’t work properly are another key indicator of a clogged drain or sewer line, especially since toilets have the most direct path to the sewer and biggest drain line in the house.
  • Sewer odors and gurgling sounds. Clogs that buildup inside your sewer and drain lines can force sewer gases back up the pipes and through the drains. On top of a nasty smell, you may also hear some gurgling noises coming from the sewer gas pushing up through the water. It’s important to contact a plumber immediately if something stinks, as there could be a problem with the sewer line.


What Type of Drain Clearing Works Best for You


If your home is in need of a drain clearing, the next step is then determining what type of drain clearing your plumbing or sewer line needs. A professional plumber will have the right tools to access your sewer line and help you determine what would best clear your drains. Different methods of drain clearing will vary in cost, the most expensive cost being if your plumber decides your sewer line needs to be replaced. When deciding to have your drains cleared, here are a few different methods to consider.


  • By using a powerful stream of water to fully clear and remove all clogs and waste from inside your piping, hydrojetting is an economical and long-term solution. For more extreme blockages such as tree root incursion, hydrojetting is the best method to break and remove tree roots which if left untreated, can cause your sewer line to break or collapse over time.
  • Cable auger. For smaller clogs that can’t be reached with a plunger, it’s best to use a cable auger or plumbing snake. Using a flexible steel cable with a corkscrew or blades attached, a cable auger can dislodge clogs up to 100 feet deep. There are several different types of augers depending on the clog. An electric power auger is powered by an electric motor and also has the power to cut through tree roots.
  • Pipe bursting. Another effective, long-term solution for sewer backups is a pipe bursting. Treating a sewer blockage with pipe bursting entails hydraulically breaking apart the old pipe while seaming in a new one. Since pipe bursting replaces your old sewer line, it is one of the most expensive options of drain clearing.


Don’t Let Your Drains Suffer


Clogged drains are a frustration all homeowners have to face, but constantly clearing your drains can wear out your pipes and cost you some expensive repairs. Clearing your drains is a cost-effective solution that saves you the time and trouble of constantly maintaining your drains. It’s not easy keeping tabs on everything inside your home, so if it’s time for a drain clearing, call a professional plumber. Not only will a professional plumber be quick to identify what and where the problem is within your drain lines, they can offer you the best, cost-effective solution.

The professionals at Rebmann Plumbing have the experience you need to help you with your homes drain clearing!


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