5 Tips For Furnace Maintenance
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5 Tips for Furnace Maintenance in Long Island

When the temperature drops and the snow starts to fall, you need to be confident that your furnace will heat your home without any interruptions. The only way to earn that kind of peace of mind is to perform routine tasks that will prolong the life of your furnace. Rebmann Plumbing has been providing furnace maintenance in Long Island for the past three generations, and their expert technicians have the experience and know-how you need to keep your furnace functioning at its fullest potential. They offer these five tips to help you extend the life of your furnace.

    1. Safety First: Whenever you’re working with a gas appliance, you need to first ensure that your work environment is safe. Before you start, check to make sure that the power system is turned off. Next, inspect the unit for possible gas leaks. Even a small leak could lead to a fatal accident, so if you suspect that your unit is leaking, call a professional.


    1. Check the Thermostat: One of the most common furnace repairs has to do with the thermostat. If the air in your home doesn’t seem to match the temperature reading on the thermostat, don’t waste your time and effort trying to adjust it. Yes, you may be coming down with a cold, but it’s more likely that the thermostat has stopped working correctly. Replacing it is a quick fix that can make a big difference.


    1. Clean the Filter System: The filter system blocks dirt and other particulates from entering the furnace, and this makes it one of your furnace’s most important features. The filter should be cleaned on a routine basis, and if it’s completely clogged, it’s time to replace it.


    1. Clean the Vents: Like the furnace’s filter system, the ventilation system that is connected to the furnace also collects dirt and debris. A blocked vent will inhibit the dispersion of warm air throughout your home, and it’s also a safety hazard. Use a long-handled brush and a vacuum cleaner to clean the vents and vent covers on a regular basis.


  1. Routine Inspections: The most effective way to extend the life of your furnace is to catch small problems before they turn into major setbacks. Hire a professional to perform a yearly inspection that will reveal any leaks or damaged parts.

Maintaining your furnace is a simple task that will end up saving you money and frustration in the long run. Call Rebmann Plumbing today to schedule an appointment!


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