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AC Repair in Manhasset, NY: 3 Signs Your AC is Leaking

Now that spring is here, you may be consider becoming an early bird and breaking out your AC just before the hot outdoor temperatures arrive. That’s a wise move, but what you need to keep in mind that your AC may not be working at a full 100% the instant you turn it on this year. After all, after a long fall and winter, your AC hasn’t been operating in a while and it may need AC repair in Manhasset, NY before it’s ready to roll.

One problem you may encounter with your AC this spring is leakage. Yes, your AC is usually a mess-free appliances but in the event of a few technical issues, leaks can happen and cause quite a disturbance to both the performance of your AC and your home atmosphere. Fortunately, the team at Rebmann is here to help you point out the leaks from your AC so you can move quickly in cleaning them up. It’s part of our goal to help you live comfortably this spring.

How Can You Tell if You Have an AC Leak?

Most times, leaks are pretty visible, but it’s not so easy to determine whether leaks are coming directly from your AC or elsewhere. In the event you do suspect your AC is responsible for the leak, please observe the following 3 signs:

  1. Oil Stains: Some AC systems will mix Freon with oil so when it begins leaking, you may notice spots of darkened residue in the area of your AC. Of course, as you may imagine, these stains will dirty up your home and take away from its atmosphere. If you want your home spotless, call for AC repair in Manhasset to fix the situation.
  2. Ice Buildup within the AC: When your AC is low on refrigerant, it will cause the indoor coil to freeze. In this instance, the leaking substance is actually melted ice. This isn’t a situation to take lightly, as water can puddle on your floor and eventually onto any electronics. If your AC is looking a bit frostier than usual, the time for repair is now.
  3. Puddling: And speaking of puddling, it’s an obvious sign that you have a leak in your home, but you need to make sure that leak is coming from your AC, not your plumbing. If you are noticing puddles around the area of your AC, it’s a sure-fire sign that something is wrong with system. Give your AC a careful inspection to determine the root of the problem or call a professional at Rebmann to take a look.

Contact Rebmann Plumbing today if you want to learn more about our AC repair in Manhasset, NY and how you can keep comfortable this season.


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