How To Keep The Bugs Out This Summer by Using Your AC
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Keep The Bugs Out This Summer by Using Your AC

Are You Near Lakes, Ponds, Marshes or Swamps?

Standing water is a breeding ground for insects. Keeping the windows open to enjoy the weather is nice, but it can let the bugs right into your home. These small bugs are capable of flying or crawling through the smallest of holes in search for food.

They may be looking for food scraps, or they may be looking for you! Inevitably, some will always find their way inside. If you notice an increase in their number, you may want to switch on your AC. Not only will it keep you cool, it can help to keep the bugs out!

Make Your AC Insect Proof

If you have a window unit, be sure that the edges are secure and that there aren’t any spaces. Because they sit directly on your windowsill and connect in through your window, their shape can be compromised. If bugs are still finding a way inside, you should consider the following:

  • Improper installation. Make sure that your AC is installed correctly, and that no parts are broken, warped, or missing.
  • Seal the gaps. For gaps that won’t go away, use some foam installation strips and duct tape to seal it.

Different Models Make a Difference

If your window unit continues to let the bugs in, you may want to consider an alternative. If central air isn’t an option, you may want to look into a ductless mini split installation. With two small pieces, an outdoor unit and an indoor unit, ductless mini split systems are ideal for heating rooms or designated zones of your home-without letting the bugs in. Other benefits include:

  • More control by only cooling or heating the rooms you want, and not your entire home
  • Cutting down your utility bill
  • Using less energy than electricity or oil
  • Improved quality air circulation from room to room
  • Decreasing the amount of allergens in the air
  • Improved aesthetics since a ductless mini-split system only requires a three-inch hole cut in your outside wall

How Rebmann Can Help

We know that you can be busy, so we will work with you to find a time that works for you. An AC installation done by us will give you:

  • The best AC models in the industry today, including any of the latest upgrades you desire
  • Professional advice on the best air-conditioning unit for your home or office setup
  • Experienced AC professionals who have had years of experience installing air conditioning systems in the Long Island area for residential and commercial spaces

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