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Why is Your Hot Water Heater Leaking in Oyster Bay, NY?

Is your hot water heater leaking in Oyster Bay, NY? Well, in that case, you may be a little mystified. How can your highly functional water heater suddenly start leaking? Are there evil spirits at work? Is this just a government conspiracy set out to prevent you from living comfortably and conveniently in your home?

Your imagination may be running wild with possibilities, but the truth is that the reasons behind your hot water heater leaking in Oyster Bay, NY are usually practical. But no matter the reason, there’s no denying those leaks need to be cleaned up and fixed immediately. A single leak can grow into something much worse if you don’t treat it in a timely fashion and eventually cost you a high amount of money on utility bills.

The team at Rebmann is here to ensure you know the reasons for your hot water heater leaking in Oyster Bay, NY so you’ll avoid any trouble in the future. We want to ensure you have the most effective water heater in your home. Leaks can get in the way of it though, which is why we’re more than willing to provide any assistance in keeping your water heater leak-free!

3 Reasons Your Hot Water Heater is Leaking in Oyster Bay, NY

While there are several odd reasons for a hot water heater to be leaking, we generally find these 3 to be the most common:

  1. Tank Corrosion: Corrosion is a natural part of your water heater’s aging process. But while the tank will continue to work despite this, it can eventually be the cause of leaks. Since it will eat away at your water heater, corrosion will allow for a water to drip out of your tank easily, meaning you could waste gallons of water if not treated immediately.
  2. High Water Pressure: You may have the most durable hot water tank installed in your home, but high water pressure can leave it leaking like there’s no tomorrow. The higher pressure will force your hot water heater to release water from the tank. This usually due to the water temperature on your tank being turned up too high so the next time you suspect a leak is imminent, turn down the temperature by a few degrees.
  3. Condensation: Sometimes your water heater leak may not even be a water heater leak at all. When the water fills up cold water and begins heating up, it may result in the tank dripping with condensation, similar to an ice cold glass of water on a hot day. All you need to do is wipe off the tank with a towel to prevent any puddling.

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