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Mini Split Systems

Long Island Mini Split Air Conditioning

Like their split system air conditioning counterparts, mini split systems have both indoor and outdoor components, but they are significantly smaller and far more space efficient.  While perhaps more expensive for initial installation than a traditional air conditioning unit, mini split systems are typically more cost effective in the long run.  Mini split air conditioning units work to automatically regulate indoor temperatures thus acting as energy saving devices.

Benefits of Mini Split Air Conditioning Units

  • Easier Installation: Without additional ductwork to install, mini split air conditioning units are often easier to install.
  • Space Efficiency:  Naturally a smaller option, the mini split air conditioning unit can easily blend into your home or business regardless of your choice in décor.  Mini split systems allow more room for the overall design and flow of your space.
  • Sleek High-Tech Design:  Due to their small size, mini split units offer a lot of flexibility in interior design options.  Small wall units are typically the most popular choice, but floor units are also available.  Most are operable via remote control.
  • Climate Control: Mini split air conditioning units automatically regulate indoor temperatures, producing both heating and cooling effects.
  • Quiet Operation: Quieter than traditional or even split air conditioning units, mini split units are ideal for homes, schools, hospitals, or any other number of locations where noise should be kept at bay.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Effective climate control helps make cooling available only when specifically needed thus reducing energy costs and improving overall household or business temperature efficiency.

In the Long Island air conditioning business for nearly a century, Rebmann is your trusted source for mini split air conditioning installations and maintenance.  We provide convenient service contract agreements to make maintenance simple, affordable, and worry free.

Contact Rebmann for any mini split air conditioning needs or if you want to learn more about whether or not you need a split system versus mini split system.  Either way we’re always here to help and provide 24-hour on-call service.  Rebmann—dedicated to keeping Long Island cool.

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