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Enjoy a New Ruud or Rheem Air Conditioning System This Summer. Pay for it Over Time!

Long Island’s summers are HOT! Stay COOL and comfortable at home with a new air conditioning system from Rebmann. Our HVAC technicians have been the trusted choice for local homeowners for 90+ years, providing expert central air conditioning, cooling + heat pump and ductless mini split installations.

Great Rates, Flexible Terms

When your home is in need of a new cooling unit, waiting to accumulate the money needed to cover the project’s cost isn’t always an option. Financing plans give you the power to install now and pay incrementally.

With our current financing options, we have even more flexible choices for qualified buyers including:

Ruud and Rheem Air Conditioning Equipment


Ruud air conditioning systems provide you with improved comfort and temperature control. With advanced technology and precision engineering, Ruud systems deliver even and consistent cooling throughout your home. You’ll experience enhanced comfort even on the hottest Long Island days. 

Not only does a new Ruud system offer superior comfort, but it also brings significant energy efficiency benefits. The latest Ruud systems are designed with high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings, ensuring efficient operation that can help reduce your energy consumption and save you money on utility bills. You’ll enjoy optimal performance while being mindful of the environment. In addition to improved comfort and energy efficiency, a new Ruud system offers reliable and durable performance. Ruud has a reputation for manufacturing high-quality HVAC systems that are built to last. You can trust that your investment in a new Ruud system will provide you with years of dependable heating and cooling for your home.


Chances are, the last thing you think about is your air conditioner. You just expect to be cool and comfortable. Rheem has it covered with the finest air conditioners in the business – top-quality, innovative cooling solutions with the latest technology and dependable performance – all backed by great warranties and excellent service and support.

Investing in a new Rheem HVAC system is a wise decision for homeowners seeking superior comfort, energy efficiency, and peace of mind. With advanced technologies, precise temperature control, energy-saving features, advanced air purification, and smart connectivity options, Rheem systems provide a comprehensive solution for your home’s heating and cooling needs. Moreover, Rheem’s commitment to reliability, durability, and exceptional customer support ensures that you will enjoy a comfortable and efficient HVAC system for years to come. When considering an HVAC upgrade, Rheem stands as a reliable choice to enhance your home’s comfort, energy efficiency, and overall well-being.

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* Some restrictions apply. Prior sales excluded. May not be combined with any other offer. Must finance new installation Rebmann’s financing to defer payments. Credit application terms and conditions apply. No Monthly Interest if Paid in Full within 18 Months Min Payment per month 2.50 %. Promotion ends July 2, 2023.