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Conventional Water Heaters: How Do They Work?

An Introduction to Your Conventional Water Heater From Rebmann Plumbing

What is there to know about your water heater?

Well, for one thing, it’s worth knowing that the technology of your conventional water heater is over 100 years old.  A Norwegian immigrant to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania by the name of Edwin Rudd actually patented the first ever boiler design in 1897 before creating his firm, the Rudd Manufacturing Company, which is still making water heaters to this day.  If your house is heated by a storage tank, then you’re being kept warm in the wintertime by a machine that has hardly changed its functionality since the turn of the 20th century!  With that in mind, it’s definitely wise to understand what makes your water heater tick so you can make the most informed decisions about it that you can.  Do you want to upgrade to a different fuel source?  Replace your boiler with a more modern tankless water heating system?  The Rebmann Plumbing professionals are ready to help you make an informed, cost-effective, and permanent decision.

So, first off, how does a conventional water heater work?

Essentially, every storage-tank water heater has a set amount of gallons that it heats up, stores, and sends through the house.  Whether your heater is gas or electric powered, it works the same way: the body of the tank is attached to pipes that bring cold water out and hot water in. Electric heaters have two heating elements, while gas heaters have a single pipe that runs through the center.  The water heater (predictably) heats water to the temperature that your pre-set on your thermostat.  If all goes well, the process stops there; however, if the water becomes too hot (we’re talking about 210 degrees here) then the release valve will trigger to release the pressure.  That’s basically how water heaters have worked for the past 117 years.

Are conventional water heaters your only option?

No; even though the technology has lasted since being popularized over a century ago, other modern options exist and are worth looking into.  In fact, we strongly recommend that you consider a switch to tankless or even hybrid water heating, as the superior energy efficiency of this advanced heating machinery will save you a great deal of money.  As a long term investment, tankless heating is a far better option than the conventional heater you probably already have.  Contact us today for some recommendations as well as free estimates: we’ll find out how to optimize your heating in a way that is manageable, affordable, and smart.  Trusted, expert consultation is a Rebmann Plumbing guarantee!

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